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Marketing Automation Expert With More than 8 Years of Experience and Tens Of Projects Done.

  • Name: Ali Abdelkader
  • Address: Naumova 14 , Volgograd , Russia
  • Zip code: 40001
  • Email: me@aliabdelkader.com
  • Phone: +7 9044322592

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Our Works

Our Works

Check out this playlists videos of Bots we created to our clients , Check the whole video By Clicking Here < Check it out!



I create Automated Desktop & Web Tasks with multi-threading support, proxies & capthca solving

Desktop and Web Automation done right. I provide only the best possible solution to fit your requirements.

Bots For Automation ? How it Works !

Bots are programs that crawl through websites, collect the needed information from them, or submit information.
What type of information can they collect? Anything you want – product descriptions, prices, links, addresses, pictures etc.
The collected information is then stored in the required database or file.

Just some of the Features of our Bots we build:

These are just a few things possible with web automation.

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I guarantee satisfaction. I work with you hand and hand to make sure i deliver the highest quality software & to meet your every requirement.

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I tend to be available 24/7 if not a couple hour difference response.


Naumova 14 , Volgograd

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+ 7 9044322592

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